Can I also choose for myself?

Good girls go to heaven,Bad girls go everywhere! Here`s the deal: I joined this site for friends. I have a man,been with him .I don`t want nor need another one.If you are a guy and want to be my friend,then we can be friends.ONLY friends! I`m not a cheater. Never have been,never will be! If you`r a girl,that`s a whole nother story! As you can see,I`ve stated that I`m bi. I`ve only been with 1 girl,but it was AWESOME. And I was the "eater",not the "eatie".(Not that I would mind being the "eatie"! LOL!)Anywayz,If you`r a girl,and want to have some fun,weather it be sexual,or just chillin,don`t be shy,drop me a line!And like I said earlier:guys,I WILL ONLY BE YOU`R FRIEND! Nothing more,nothing less! I don`t mean to sound like a bitch,but I`m sick and tired of guy`s trying to get in my pant`s IT AINT HAPPENING! If you`r a girl,and I like you,it probly will happen! (If you want it to!)
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