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One of a Kind Friendship first. Someone as open minded to politics and religion as I am. I am moderate to liberal on most issues, including my spirituality. I'm with a peace group and against any war. First do no harm, second do what you can to help others. I designed and built my home and live on acreage in the country. My background is architectural and graphic art , but I'm mostly retired now. I'm doing Silhouettes on cruise ships, very part time for a reduced rate. I love going to other counties and I'm back from my transatlantic cruise to Spain, France and Italy. I love traveling, arts, socializing, dancing, animals, gardening and just having fun. I am also a romantic. I'm in the process of getting a divorce, we just didn't have that much in common or do much together so I am going to be very careful of jumping into anything anytime soon. I have a very sweet Sheltie-mix dog and a friendly cat.
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