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Looking for a sweet, handsome man I'm a fairly quiet, happy person who likes to be around happy, upbeat people. I like a little adventure now and then and being spontaneous is a lot of fun too. Looking for an honest, kind, monogamous man. I'm very loyal. If I'm with you, I won't be looking for the next opportunity. It would be nice to have someone to go for walks with, hold hands, get hugs, and be comfortable just sitting together talking. I enjoy listening to C/W music. I play the piano for my own enjoyment, mostly classical music. I'm a crafter, so I like to do lots of things. Jane of many trades and master of none, so to speak. I like movies at home. Don't watch much TV, but listen to a lot of music. I like to dance, play cards, board games, go camping, some fishing and I love to travel. I've lived in Denmark, Germany, and many states in the US, but I'm still pretty much country.
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