Too old to date? I do not think so!

enjoying being in a relationship with Better H I can tell you who and how I am on the inside and as a person, To me actions speak louder than words, So at this point I will say I am all about Positive life, Happiness, I DO NOT judge anyone, I do NOT play head or heart games, I love life and know I found someone to share it with. If any questions I am open to them and answer them open and honestly. Life is short I do not want to waste any part of it. I do not smoke.. no drugs or trouble with the law.. never have -- never will... I do not say things unless I stick to them. I will say also I am a very caring,compassionate, understanding woman, dependable, faithful in all areas of my qualities.. I know I found the one that will last a lifetime. He who is taking the chance to see my actions match my words. I will not walk behind you or in front of you... Only beside you.. Hand in Hand
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