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Money ova these Nigga's Im a Dark Skin Female 5'6 Weight 135 Thick in all the right places. Mobile wit 2 kids both Boys and expecting anotha bby. Good head on my shoulders, Pretty smile, Pretty White Teeth, very silly at times,Very Spontaneous, Drama Free, Dnt got time for games, Cool Dwn 2 Earth ass female, Pisces a Str8 Rider, Freak when i wanna be.... Alittle bit more about me... Im Born nd raised frm Detroit... My favorite Color Yellow, My favorite Food is Soul Food... I like to eat good yo kno what im sayn Lol.. I LOVE some chocolate Mmmmmm Hershey's wit Almonds or Sympathy Bar( Blue Kind lol) & I Love Strawberry's and One and one time only I have very Low Tolerance.... And Srry But Im into Older Guys like 28- 35 Older and Mature, Grown&Sexy, Guys that dne been there nd dne that... Like I said I dnt got time for games
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