As a man you want to know what women want or what a woman is looking for in a man. Here we give a number of tips and characteristics about what a woman really wants.

The features

Besides that women have a wish list, they look more than just the appearance. At first they only see the outside, but then they look at completely different things, the inside. There are important inner qualities that they like to see in a man. It is just as important and often even more important.

Some qualities that women like to see in a man are: sensitivity, humor, self-confidence, loyalty and caring.

Women are looking for passionate men

Women like passionate men. This is not about romance, although they also like it, but about having your own passion that you can completely immerse yourself in and the passion radiates from it. This can be about sports, work or something creative.

As women, we like the feeling of having a purpose in life. A man who knows what he wants and who enjoys the road to it with joy. Taking dreams seriously and working towards them. A clear focus and not being afraid to fail. This is all passion that a woman looks for in a man.

Women want a manly man

What is a real manly man in the eyes of a woman? You sometimes hear a woman say 'I want a guy who can handle me.' This does not mean the sex.

It is about a man who is a leader in terms of a relationship with a woman. He knows what he is doing and makes his own decisions. He thinks for himself and takes thoughtful risks. He is a go-getter and faces life with confidence.

In short, he knows what he wants in life and can offer a woman a protected environment where she feels safe and at home, and the woman can also feel like a real woman. In the eyes of a woman, this is a "masculine" man.

The feeling in a woman

When it comes to men and love, there are some things in common that are common to most women. A woman wants to feel wanted. They want you to win their hearts and do everything you can to be with her. The feeling that someone is waiting for them at the end of the day and is there for them gives them goosebumps.

Besides, they just want a buddy. A buddy who listens to them. Even if you as a man don't care what she says, it's the feeling that they can talk to someone who just listens. So as a man you just really listen and stay calm.

A woman also wants to feel special. The men should do their best to make the woman feel special.

This often concerns the small things, such as a sweet message in between or a spontaneous dinner. The feeling that you are doing your best to be the best man for them gives them that special feeling.

Tips on what women want to see in a man

Where do women stand out now? If you want to be found attractive by a woman, it starts with yourself. Show that you are a sexual man and not just the good sweet boy. Also be a little naughty.

By naughty we just mean doing things you enjoy and don't need approval from others. Fool the women a bit by being naughty. By being naughty you arouse emotions in her. Women like naughty men.

Also don't try to impress her, just be yourself. Just being yourself is cool. You have your own point of view, you don't care about others and you don't react to everything. You do your own thing that matters to you.

Above all, take the initiative yourself and do not wait, because that will not achieve anything. Be a go-getter and don't let yourself get out of the field too quickly. Show that you have a positive life purpose and that you are able to do anything for it.

Whether it concerns career, self-development or charities. In short, you are a man with fillings and no fillings. You decide for yourself what happens in your life.

Now that you know what women look for in a man, it's up to you to be the man. Do you dare to flirt and do you know how to create the feeling that you can be that special man for her? Check out the 'Woman looking for a Man' category to take the first step towards a woman who is looking for you!