Not only innocently texting, dating and looking for a relationship, but also agreeing for sex via Tinder is something that is done a lot. Here we tell you more about Tinder for sex.

Tinder sex app or dating

Whether Tinder is a sex app or a dating app is entirely up to you how you use it. With more than 1 million Dutch Tinder users, the app is extremely popular. You can go to Tinder for both looking for a relationship or just a one-night stand. Those looking for a one night stand will come back to the platform more often.

On Tinder, a large part of the people are only after one thing and that is sex! Even if we pretend it isn't. Believe it or not, women also arrange sex through Tinder. Most have Tinder for curiosity, entertainment and pastime. Because you find each other physically attractive, meeting up for sex is bigger than a relationship.

Tinder Sex Profile Tips

It all starts with a good profile picture. This ensures that you are swiped to the right. Choose a real recent photo of yourself, but also be original so that you stand out. Make sure that your face is clearly visible. Also make sure your upper body is in the picture. Don't go for a selfie.

Your photo also determines what kind of material you are or how you come across to women. The photo is the most important aspect on Tinder. Women like mysterious. A right balance between not too serious and not funny/laughing is the ideal combination. A bit 'bad' boy, but also the 'sweet' boy at the same time.

Know how to attract attention with your photo by doing something interesting. Come across as confident and don't be afraid to be rejected.

After all, your photo produces the most matches and is the first thing they look at before they look further at, for example, your bio text. Selecting the right photo is therefore extremely important.

A funny playful bio will yield more matches than an empty one. So don't forget to pay attention to your bio text. Stay true to yourself and share the information that makes you unique and approachable.

The best opening line

Once you have a match, it's about your opening sentence. A personal opening sentence works wonders. Look for things in common that you can see in each other's profiles and ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation going. So no questions with yes or no answers. Make your opening sentence irresistible so that the conversation can start.

What Talking Topics for Sex?

What do you have to talk about to have sex? First of all, don't talk directly about sex. It's a game of decorating. Decorate her in a playful way. Talk about experiences rather than information. Experiences generate emotion and information does nothing to you. Especially because we love exciting stories. This attracts our attention instead of just being told facts.

For an exciting conversation, use your imagination and put your feelings into words. Don't ask questions yourself, but let her come up with the questions. Make her feel like she's missing something when she's not talking to you and longing for your next message.

You can talk about something exciting that you have experienced, for example your life lesson, your exciting world trip, the coolest restaurant you discovered, that movie with no end and other things.

Also keep in mind not to play it safe, but also make your conversation sexual with over the top sexual comments. Exaggerated, funny and accessible is perfect so that the atmosphere between you becomes sexual. An example is "That look of yours indicates that you are already undressing me" or "I see that you are only thinking about one thing...". Sexual tension is built up in this way.

How do you get sex on Tinder with the right words?

Using the right words ensures that you are found attractive and that Tinder arranges sex. Use strong sentences and avoid questionable words like 'maybe', 'possibly' etc...

Come across as a leader and show that you are clear and unquestioned. Make sure that the women don't have to think about whether or not they want a date with you, but more about the date itself like 'what are we going to drink then'. The appointment is then immediately arranged and is no longer in doubt.

How do you choose the right match?

How do you know what someone is looking for on Tinder? There are recognizable signs and phrases that already indicate this. Like 'no US' which stands for no one night stands. If it is not in the profile, you will in most cases find out during the conversation. Always make sure you have a friendly flirtation approach and don't come across as rude/rude.

The matches that are attractive and displayed to you are determined by Tinder based on your photo and common interests, among other things. It's not just about swiping everything to the right and hoping for a match. In the long run, this will make you less attractive to Tinder. So choose your match carefully.

For more Tinder options, opt for a paid subscription such as Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

The Tinder Sex Date

Once you have planned a date with your match, it comes down to a correct approach to your Tinder Sex date. Both men and women often let at least one of their girlfriends or friends know that they are dating.

The Tinder appointment made is of course to 'just' get to know each other first, for example while enjoying a drink. The emphasis will, of course, be on sex, but this will not be stated. The advice is also not to pronounce this, otherwise it may be that you no longer have a Tinder sex date. Women in particular are less likely to come forward with this.

The best place for a sex date is of course at your home. You will not be disturbed and the bedroom is nice and close. You only need to have a good excuse to meet at home, because meeting at home for the first time will often not happen immediately. For example, consider an original activity that you can do alone at home, such as cooking together or playing a video game. If you are not meeting at home, make sure you are close to home.

On Tinder for good sex? A nice evening, good sex and nothing else. Intimacy and contact in a mature way. Tinder is ideal for casual sex.