How do you get a successful Tinder encounter? With these tips you will be on your way to the perfect Tinder date and you will know what to say and what not to say.

What to do for the Tinder date

It starts with scoring the that great date. It's quite simple, because you both like each other because you already have that match. You both swiped each other to the right during the Tinderen, the Tinder match. Your first impression with your photos and profile text has already been made. Now you just have to confirm this impression.

Our advice is to take immediate action as soon as you have a match. Send a first message that contains original, personal, lighthearted and possibly humor to make her curious.

For example, look at the photos she has posted here and say something about it where she can answer easily and in a fun way. This increases the chance of a response, which will start the conversation for the first Tinder date.

If you notice that she is making an effort by responding quickly or extensively, then you know she likes the conversation. Even if she is going to ask you personal questions. Now is the right time to ask her on a date. Come up with a casual and detailed proposal such as: "Do you have time to drink coffee together on Tuesday"

When asking for a date, avoid words like 'date', 'meet up' and 'go out'. With this it often comes across as a bit heavily loaded, while you are just going to do something fun together and nothing more. If you don't get a clear response, know she's not interested.

Purpose of a Tinder date

The purpose of a Tinder Date is simply for both of you to have fun. Keep in mind that there is always a target, because with no target you can never hit.

Don't ask for the purpose. You will often receive a response such as 'We'll see'. Because you both have fun, it is more likely that you will end up in bed together.

Flirting in the beginning is very important. With this you show your intentions. It is also important that you take the initiative and are clear to her. For example, try to kiss her within 30 minutes. This way she also knows that you are immediately clear and that you are not waiting for too many dates.

Be vulnerable by showing your sensitive side. With this you create confidence with her. Tell a personal story, they always do well.

By touching her a lot (subtly) she will feel more comfortable with you and the step is smaller to sleep with you than someone who has not touched her at all.

Where can you best meet

The best location is at your home or close to your home. This way you can always close the date nicely and your bed is always close to you for minimal effort and maximum pleasure. Make sure your home is clean and fresh.

Depending on how your conversation is, she may not want to meet directly at your home. Then choose a nice public place such as a park or a cafe close to your house.

The time you meet is also important for a good Tinder date. Afternoon or evening are the best options. Often you don't have to work anymore and you only have to come up with a fun activity that you will do together.

Tinder date ideas

On a Tinder date, you want you to do something together that is fun and that even a small child would like too. Also something she has never done before and seems genuinely fun. In order not to think too hard, we have some great Tinder date ideas:

Watching a bad movie at your place

A bad film makes the film lose your attention and will soon find it boring. Because of this, her attention quickly goes to you. You also sit together and you can carefully get closer to her, for example by putting your arm around her.

Cook or bake a cake together

While cooking or baking cake, you stand close together. It is the ideal time to touch her in the meantime and make something playful.

Visit nice romantic places

Visit nice romantic places such as courtyards, parks, nature reserve (for a walk) or a place with beautiful views.

By meeting quickly, there will be less tension than if you have been chatting with each other for some time. The expectations will then of course be much higher. Often the goal becomes more of a relationship, which is immediately doomed to failure on a first date.

Before a Tinder date you can see for yourself how much you really like this woman and what you would like from her.