This is one of the most heard complaints about condoms. Well what can we say? It is just like playing the violin: practice makes perfect. Or at least a certain skill. And putting on a condom can be fun too.

The most pleasant way to get the condom in place is without a doubt a matter of handing it over. The woman can put on the condom by using her tongue, with your penis disappearing into her mouth while she is doing it.

This is the technique: your partner takes an unpacked condom and puts it on the head of the head like a hat. Then she makes an "o" with her mouth. It is important that she covers her teeth with her lips so as not to damage the condom. Then she pushes the condom over your penis, using her tongue to unroll the rubber around the edges. If your partner is willing to do this, your complaints about fiddling will definitely be a thing of the past. Furthermore, your partner can help to divert attention from what you have on your hands by stroking other parts of your body.

Incidentally, men appear to be more impatient than women. And since you don't necessarily need two pairs of hands to unroll a condom, you might as well delegate this task. If you want to improve your technique through practice, it is important to practice under more or less real conditions. Experimenting in the bathroom under bright fluorescent lighting is a bad preparation for reality: your performance is doomed to failure in a bedroom with dim lighting, clumsy sheets everywhere and a woman who is panting in your ear and who seems to have thirty hands. br />

Who should you help with the condom?