A woman can drive a man completely crazy by showing off her breasts. Whatever size they have breasts are simply beautiful for men. Here we explain what you can do with her breasts for great breast sex!

A woman's breasts

With breasts we always talk about the female breasts and not the male breasts. Today, breasts are an important part of sexual arousal.

For the majority of women, the breasts contribute to their own sexual identity. Research has shown that a woman finds it more sexy to take the bra off compared to their panties.

Women have an instinct and know it when you're staring at their breasts. Even if men think she doesn't notice, make no mistake she knows! In addition, women also like to peek at other women's breasts.

Compliment her boobs

Women are often insecure and also about their breasts. No breast is the same and in women breasts are not the same.

They like to receive compliments about their breasts, which gives them more self-confidence. It gives them a good feeling that you appreciate and find their breasts beautiful. Especially during sex you will see that she feels much more comfortable.

You can do this during foreplay. Her boost in self-confidence results in better sex or a lovemaking to remember. So men compliment her breasts.

start slow

A woman's nipples differ in sensitivity. One may be more sensitive than the other. It is wise to start slowly, so don't go straight for your goal.

Start by gently massaging around the nipples. Grab all sides and at the same time you can kiss her on the neck. The tension builds in this way and she will long for more.

Keep in mind that not all breasts on a woman are suitable for the same approach. For example, large breasts are often less sensitive than smaller breasts.

biting breasts

Don't just pull or bite her nipple. This can be more sensitive than you think. It's best to ask just to be sure. Simply say "louder?" so you don't have long conversations and get her out of the mood. It is also best to ask for other things that you can do with her breasts, such as squeezing or pushing.

Tongue twisting around her nipple

Little things can bring women to unprecedented heights. This also applies to breast sex. Because a woman's nipples are very sensitive, women can become very aroused by stimulation. For example, you can circle her nipple with the tip of your tongue for an unprecedented effect.

Foreplay with boobs in the shower

Making love in the shower is not as easy as it seems. This does not mean that you can also do other things. For example, one of the best foreplay options is to play with her breasts while showering.

Foreplay with breasts with bra

You don't have to wait for the bra to come off to start foreplay. Rub her bra. It can feel very appealing to touch the bra material with your hands. This gives a completely different sensation than having your hands directly touch her breasts.

Play with the material and see what bra she's wearing. See how elastic it is and tease her by playing with the elasticity with your finger. Also feel her skin with your finger. Make playful movements from the top of her bra to the back of her skin. Don't do this for too long, as it may feel uncomfortable and weird. You can use this technique before pulling her bra off.

Treat her with tenderness

Women appreciate tenderness. It feels very nice for her if you gently massage her breasts as part of foreplay. She loves it when you switch from soft to slightly harder, but most importantly, treat her with tenderness.

Don't worry about romanticizing or being super emotional. This is a situation where you want to be gentle and gentle and then move on.

For many women, getting her in the mood is purely a mindset.

Types of breasts sex

Breasts come in different sizes from very small to very large to very round, droopy and more. From small to large, you have the sizes cup A, cup B, cup C, cup D and larger. Are you looking for women for breast sex, check out our sex date section:
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Find your woman with beautiful breasts here for that exciting experience. Other names for breasts are tits or facade. Of course there are many other names that can be given to this.

nipple orgasm

Some women can have a nipple orgasm by stimulating the breasts and nipples. The substance oxytocin is then released and also causes the muscles in your vagina to contract. We emphasize that this only works for some women depending on how sensitive their breasts and nipples are.

Don't just focus on the nipples. It is also important not to forget the rest. All this together makes for a good approach to breast sex.