Varied sex how fun is that? For great sex, a good sex position is an important part. Experiment with different sex positions for optimal pleasure. Each position has its own advantages. Here we give tips and advice about different sex positions.

sex positions

New sex positions can be exciting, but what it's all about is discovering and improving sex. Good sex is all about the enthusiasm and pleasure and not the ability to twist your body all over the place like you're a pretzel.

When choosing a sex position, you look at your own specific situation. This includes looking at what you expect and hope to get in terms of pleasure and comfort together with your partner and what is physically possible. No position is better than another. It's about what feels right for you.

Why vary with sex positions?

People are naturally attracted to sexual variety. In many ways we are like animals. To keep sex spicy and fun we need to change it up and try new things. By varying the sex positions you can further increase the sex experience for both. In this way we remain inspired, motivated and stimulated.

For a hot and varied sex life there are many possibilities to vary. Precisely by renewing, sex does not have to be a routine. Of the many sex positions out there, there is plenty of choice to find one or more that you really like. So there is something for everyone when it comes to sex positions. By constantly varying and trying different things, there is always something new to discover.

How many sex positions are there?

This is a question that is often asked and the answer is that there is no answer. The Kama Sutra originally has 64 different sex positions from the sex manual, but over time this has been twisted and transformed with Western culture.

There are so many different sex positions that trying to quantify them would be like trying to name all the fish that are in the sea. There are hundreds of different sex positions and new ones are invented every day by people all over the world.

Don't get carried away by positions, but by orgasms. It is what all gods and goddesses of lust and love would have wanted.

How to try out new sex position?

Are you ready to try new sex positions? Do your research and try it right away. Don't take yourself too seriously. Sex is not always hot, sexy and perfect like in the movies. It's also crazy, weird and uncomfortable. That's what makes it so much fun.

If you're alone, try a different way of masturbating. Do you usually lie on your stomach? Then try it on your back. If you're together and are used to the missionary position, switch to doggystyle or cowgirl sex position.

What are some of the most common sex positions?

Everyone secretly has a preference for a certain sex position and why make it more difficult if it is something good. Each position has its own characteristics and purpose. One is ideal for a quickie, the other is more focused on the orgasm. Below are some of the most common sex positions that almost all of us enjoy.

the missionary

The missionary is a classic position and perhaps one of the most common in which the man lies on top of the woman and the woman lies on her back. There is a deep connection because you can look each other in the eye which makes for intimate romance. You can also tell each other's facial expressions what he or she likes and communicate well with each other.

Within this position there are also many possibilities to vary. This way you can hook your legs together and/or rub your body against each other. The missionary position is a safe position in which the man determines the rhythm and tempo. It is an easy position where deep penetration is possible and in addition, the missionary position is a position where you can kiss heavily.


Doggystyle also known as "doggystyle" is the position where the man takes the woman from behind. Both support you on your knees and the man penetrates the woman from behind. It is a very popular position that allows deep penetration and is also easy to perform.

For the woman, this sex position increases the chance of an orgasm. The advantage of this position is that you can both control the depth and intensity.

Cowgirl or Amazon position

In the cowgirl or Amazon pose, the woman lies on top of the man. She has all the power and determines the pace and depth of penetration. For the men it is a great view and the man can use the hands to caress the vagina or breasts for even more pleasure.

As it were, the woman rides the man like an 'amazon'. In the Amazon pose, other parts of the vagina are also stimulated compared to the missionary or doggy style position.

Oral Sex Positions

There are many different sex positions that can make sex even more intense. The same goes for oral sex. The ideal form of foreplay for the woman is oral sex. This makes it easier for most women to orgasm than just vaginal sex. There are also various sex positions for oral sex. One of the most famous oral positions is position 69.

Anal sex positions

Whether you are trying anal sex for the first time, you can also experiment with anal sex with different sex positions. Most normal positions are also suitable for anal sex such as doggystyle and the missionary. Keep in mind that you cannot use every position for this because of, for example, flexibility.

Tips for Sex Positions

Everyone likes something different. Discover together which position is best for you. By experimenting and changing things up, you will find out what you both like and keep sex exciting and fun together.

Are you ready to keep sex exciting? For a better sex life and a good relationship, variety of different sex positions is an important part of good sex. Even if you have a favorite sex position, it's always fun to try something new.