As a great lover you can use two helping hands: your own! And if you use them well, she will adore you.

We love our penis. Justly. But let's be honest, it's not an infallible tool. He is quite unpredictable (find women exciting) and clumsy (sometimes finds them endearing). But he can also come across a bit too pushy. And she is not always waiting for that. What she's waiting for are your hands. You know, those things that are at the bottom of your arms. Hands are more mobile. They can be used anywhere and do not quit when it is not convenient.

Many women think that the best lovers are the men who know how to use their hands. Do you feel caught in your crotch? Not necessary. The good news is that you could soon be that man. By letting your hands flap in the right places in the best way. So press gently during intercourse.

Read the following blogs for the body parts you can subtly press for even more sexual sensations.

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