We are sometimes accused of chasing him or thinking with him: the penis. Indeed, it is arguably our most important body part. And we would like to keep it that way. Here are some things you should never do there.

Try to keep the penis under control:

Well known: you wake up in the morning with a tent pole in your boxer shorts and urgently need to go to the toilet. Then just push down. Bad idea! Whether you're standing in front of the toilet bowl or trying to squeeze yourself into tight jeans, putting downward pressure on an erect penis is always a bad thing. This can cause damage to the walls of the cavernous bodies in your penis, a so-called penile fracture. A penile fracture can cause it to warp when you get an erection. It is therefore more sensible to wait for an erection to fade before twisting your penis in all kinds of bends.

Forcing the penis into sex:

Like women, your penis does not respond well to attempts to make it "unprepared" to have sex. When you are not penetrating or thrusting with your penis in full erection, you run a high risk of bending and warping. There is a risk of damaging the cavernous bodies, the spongy tissue that fills with blood during an erection.

Using the penis as a gym ball

You and your partner are on a roll when he suddenly "goes off the rails" and you hear a clearly audible crackling followed by the most horrific pain imaginable. The penile fracture, probably the most common penis injury in this case, occurs when it snaps on her pubic bone. The most common position for a penile fracture is the one in which the woman sits on top with her face towards your feet. It is better to omit this position. It is often better to pull back before lifting her or changing position in other ways. Penile fractures are clearly noticeable, your genitals are swollen and red or even purple, like a kind of zucchini. The most important thing is to go to the emergency room as soon as possible and have surgery in the hospital.

She knows what to do with your private parts