When using a condom it is useful not to make mistakes. We have listed the most common mistakes with a condom here, so that you can prevent them yourself.

Expiration date condom

When using the condom, also check the usability, because condoms do have an expiration date. The expiry date can be found on the packaging with black numbers. In short, you cannot miss this one. After the expiry date, the safety decreases because the material is less strong and can become porous.

Stiffness of the penis

It is best to put on a condom and unwind when the penis is completely erect. If the penis is not completely erect, you will notice that putting on a condom is not smooth or less smooth. Unrolling the condom is therefore very difficult. So make sure that the penis is sufficiently stiff when putting on the condom. The correct timing for putting on a condom ensures safe sex.

Open packaging

You should open the packaging with care, so that you avoid the risk of damaging or tearing the condom. Although you both really feel like using no sharp objects to open the package. So don't use a knife or your teeth. This prevents you from no longer being able to use the condom.

Storing condoms

How to best store condoms is described on the back of the box. Keep them in a cool and dry place and certainly not together with sharp objects. Prevent wear and tear by not keeping condoms in sunlight, but also not in your wallet, however convenient this may sound. The indicated expiry date only applies if they are also stored under the right conditions.

Incorrect unwinding of the condom

You can unroll a condom the wrong way round. Believe it or not this happened. You often notice this quickly enough when you can no longer roll any further. You can no longer use this condom and you can throw it away. There is a chance that there is now pre-cum on the outside of the condom. Use a new condom so you can't get her pregnant or get an STI.

By unrolling the condom completely, you prevent it from sliding off during sex. When unwinding, it is also important to hold the spout and there is no air in it, so that the ejaculation comes in when you cum.

Take off condom

Don't wait too long to take off the condom when you've finished. When you are still in the vagina with the penis, space can be released in the condom because your penis weakens and the condom leaks semen.

It is also important to check the condom after sex. An easy check is by holding the condom closed from above and squeezing gently at the bottom. If moisture comes out, the condom is torn. That way you know for sure whether it has not gone wrong.

Do not use or use the wrong lubricant

Using no or the wrong kind of lubricant with condoms increases the risk of cracks. Especially if you have been at it for a while. Do not use an oil-based lubricant, as the latex will be less strong and you have a faster chance that it will break. Water-based and silicone-based lubricants are best for use with condoms.

Using the correct size condom

The size of a erect penis differs per person and, just like clothing, a condom must also fit properly. Condoms are therefore available in several sizes and fits. With a well-fitting condom you prevent it from slipping or tearing and it also increases comfort.

Condom use for penetration only

It seems logical to use a condom only for penetration and not for oral sex. You can also get or transmit an STI, such as gonorrhea, if you get a blowjob. Many do not use contraception for oral sex. During oral sex it is also important to have protection and to do it alone without it if you are both tested and completely clean.

Reuse condom

A condom cannot be used twice. A used condom no longer has the same effect as a new condom. So if you are going to have sex again together, get a new condom. Even if you switch between vaginal, oral and anal sex, you should always use a new condom. This will prevent infections and the chance that the condom will rupture. If you can keep it up for quite a long time, you also use a new condom.

Good use of condoms always makes sex a lot safer and prevents pregnancy and infection with STIs. So make sure you are well prepared!