Leave that beer

Research has shown that excessive alcohol consumption results in evidently less sperm quality. Smoking and drug use are completely out of the question. Certain medicines and food supplements can also have a negative effect. Steroids, muscle enhancers such as DHEA and heart medications such as calcium blockers do not benefit sperm production.

Keep your balls cool

The temperature in the testicles should be 34 degrees; three degrees lower than body temperature. For that reason, your scrotum can contract if the testicles are likely to get too cold - for example, if you swim in the sea. By pulling the testicles against the warm body, they are prevented from cooling too much. Conversely, your scrotum will expose its full extent when overheating threatens to cool that way. If you wear tight (under) pants, there is no threat of hypothermia of your balls, but they are still pressed against your abdomen. As a result, they can get too hot, resulting in a reduction in quality. Regular warm baths and sauna visits also reduce sperm quality. And the waterbed is also better out the door. The heat from a waterbed can easily reduce the sperm count in your sperm by ten percent. If you have switched back to a normal bed, your production will be back to the old level after seventy days.

Leave the car behind

Related to the above: people with a sedentary occupation - such as drivers - often suffer from reduced sperm quality due to overheating of the testes. Researchers have found that a long car ride negatively impacts sperm quality. To this end, they measured the temperature of the scrotum on long road trips. The average temperature on departure was found to be 34.2 degrees Celsius. After two hours of driving, the temperature had already risen to 36.2 degrees Celsius.


Research has shown that stress results in temporarily decreased sperm production.

Watch your diet

There are two minerals every sperm needs to survive: zinc and folic acid. In men with low sperm quality who increased the intake of these substances, a quality improvement of 74 percent was measured after a short time.

Vegetable products such as soy, tofu and beans contain phytoestrogen. For the health of your prostate, it is best to take in small amounts of this substance, but at the same time the substance has a negative influence on testosterone production, which in turn decreases sperm production.

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