Instagram is known to many. It is one of the largest used social media platforms with more than 1 billion users worldwide. Instagram allows you to share photos and videos with each other and even create a story/story, and nowadays Instagram is also widely used for dating.

Scoring a sex date via Instagram

Nowadays Instagram is widely used to boost your sex life. Instagram can also be used as a dating app. With more than a billion users, it offers a much wider choice than dating apps like Tinder or Happn.

Instagram is increasingly being used for dates and is the new platform to score a date. With the right way of flirting, you might hook an Instagram model!

Instagram, how do you flirt here?

Instagram flirting works the same as you do in 'real life'. Be subtle. Like all messages and respond to everything is certainly not recommended. In fact, that's how you scare off your Insta girl.

Make sure you give the right likes, so that she wonders what you meant by your like. Get her thinking with your specific like, which makes you seem mysterious. So only respond to what you really like, but not too much. In short, find the right balance. With the right balance, you won't come across as a stalker, nor too distant.

The first DM (private message that only she and you can see) is extremely important. Respond at the right time with the right message. Good preparation is half the job. Watch her story and tell us something about it. Don't send too many messages at once and don't respond too late. Keep your messages tidy. Women on Instagram are not waiting for sex messages. It's not Tinder so be subtle.

Also on Instagram, if you react sincerely and sweetly to a beautiful photo, it is especially appreciated.

How does Instagram work?

It often seems that people on Instagram do everything, when the truth is that they do little interesting. They really don't look perfectly made up 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Just like everyone else, they are 'normal' people.

Instagram is mainly visual. Quality photos are very important here. Show yourself from your best sides on your own profile and above all be creative.

The main goal is to tell a visually interesting story. Women on Instagram are visually oriented. If you have an interesting story they would like to participate in it.

With the right hashtags you get more likes from people with the same interest. By 'tagging' people they know about your Instagram.

Instagram as sex inspiration

We find the hottest stories and inspiration on Instagram. It is widely used as an alternative to porn movies. For example, there are many Instagram accounts that help you make your deepest sexual desire a reality. Despite the censorship policy, there is a lot to be found from photos, erotic stories, sex toys to tips and more.

For example, look at the accounts: or

There are also many women who look for the edge with erotic images. They have an erotic Instagram profile. Despite the strict policy, you will come across photos and short films that are just fine. For example, from Julia Yaroshenko.

Tips for dating on Instagram

The difference between Instagram and Tinder is that a woman who is active on Tinder knows what she expects. Unlike Tinder, there are many more women active on Instagram. Also, Instagram is generally used by more women than men.

A woman on Instagram has a purpose other than "dating." Sending a personal message directly is therefore often not a good idea. You don't know her and she doesn't know you at all.

It simply starts with something more than just giving a like, following her. This does not mean that she will also follow you right back. It's a first step.

Keep it local, because a beautiful dream woman from New York is not really realistic. If you are serious about looking, go for nice and close, this makes it all a lot easier and more realistic.

Above all, be confident and friendly when reaching out. If you are interested and respond, you must give your comments in the form of a question in order to get a response back. Like "Wow, that looks cool, how was it?". Simple and easy right?

You also need to have a great profile picture yourself. Preferably a natural sharp photo that is current and where you are clearly recognizable. So with too many other people, they often don't know who you are. It's up to you to make your Instagram captivating enough to pique her interest.

Are you ready to pick up women on Instagram for Instagram sex? Take the first step towards finding a sex date on Instagram with these tips. Simple, fast and super hot that's the new Instagram dating!