We all flirt, consciously and unconsciously. You can read here what flirting means and how you do it. With these tips you can also learn to flirt even better.

Learn to flirt

Flirting is for both men and women and yes, you can learn it too. Flirting is always about teasing, provoking or humor. As long as you process one of these facets with what you say, you are flirting. The important thing here is how you say it and not so much what you say. After all, non-verbal communication is the most important thing a woman pays attention to.

It is simply a game where you make the other person feel good. Sometimes it has a purpose, but it can also have no purpose at all. In most cases, we flirt naturally (unconsciously). For example, you smile at the other or you mirror the other. You can practice this by being alert to your own flirting signals.

Flirt nonverbal

In most cases, flirting starts with non-verbal communication, ie we send out flirting signals with our body. Body language is appearance. How you use your body also determines how comfortable you feel.

Establishing eye contact is an important non-verbal signal. It's a safe and effective way to connect and show that you like that person and find out if the other person likes you too. Once the "eye flirting game" goes well, it is easier to have a chat.

Successful flirting leads to rapprochement. You keep getting closer to each other. The personal / intimate space is then entered without a withdrawal movement. Touching also plays an important part in this. Often women tend to touch their hips or face with their fingers.

It gets a lot more intimate the moment we touch each other's hands. There is always more general touches in advance. In this non-verbal way, permission is requested, as it were.

Research has also shown that the way in which you deliver a message with your body language is up to five times more effective than saying it with an opening sentence, for example.

Picking up women by flirting

It all starts with flirting. Anyone can get good at it. Flirting is the secret to attraction and yes women love men who flirt. It makes men appear with certainty and is a piece of "masculinity".

The biggest mistake men make is making you too needy too quickly and you come across as "needy". Women who feel that. Constantly looking for approval. The combination of masculinity and flirtation will make a woman want you. It creates that connection.

Anyone can pick up on women as long as you are confident from the inside out and that's how you will come across. Appearing doubtful creates insecurity. This can also be seen in you. It does not radiate masculinity. In short, it starts with your body language that you flirt with.

Flirt with WhatsApp

It is also important to flirt when you are going to text. Flirting on WhatsApp, even if you have just received her number, ensures that the conversation is kept going and that positive tension remains. WhatsApp is all about teasing her with fun and jokes so she can remember why you are so nice.

The best and most fun messages on WhatsApp are pictures. They arouse more emotion than just text and often also provoke a reaction. Funny photos and videos therefore do very well.

Do not use too many smileys, as this can make you appear more childish than you actually want.

What you absolutely should not send are things like "how are you?", "How was your day?", "Do you remember me?" Etc .. These are simply boring messages that give you a boring conversation without tension. Most importantly, they are all questions without adding anything.

Patience is also a virtue. You will not always receive an immediate response to your flirt messages. Have patience, she can also just be busy and the answer will take a while.

Flirt signals from women

While flirting, various signals are sent to attract attention. Contrary to popular belief, women often take the first initiative. Most women intuitively know how to flirt. Only men do not always recognize these flirtation signals from women.

Below we have listed some of the flirting signals that women give:

Moisturizing or pursing lips
If she does this she is thinking about kissing, it could also mean that she wants to kiss you. This also falls under this when she puts on lipstick.

To laugh hard
She laughs at you even if it's not funny.

If she's laughing all the time, it could be an indication that she likes you.

Straighten or hollow your back
By rolling her back she emphasizes her body shape and her breasts appear larger. She wants to appear attractive to you.

Touch your own hair
A kind of nerve tick is that she is touching her own hair, using her appearance as a weapon of flirtation. Throwing her head back is also included.

Long and frequent eye contact
Longer eye contact than usual means she likes you. In short, she is looking for your attention.

Touch the other
If she touches you for no apparent reason, she likes you. The more intimate the place, the more she likes you.

Standing just a little closer than usual
She comes closer to you, in other words she seeks contact with you. Often it means the closer she is, the more she likes you.

For example, at the same time as the other person takes your glass.

When a woman gives one of these signals, it doesn't always mean she's flirting right away. There is a good chance that it also happens unconsciously and just because it comes out.

Flirting seems difficult, but by nature everyone has it in them, making it almost unconsciously automatic.