The most passionate kiss is the French kiss. Do you know how to properly French kiss? Improve your French kissing with these tips.

What is a French kiss?

First of all, it is important to know what exactly a French kiss is. It is an erotic kiss in which the mouth is slightly open when giving the kiss so that the tongues can touch and move against each other. There are several ways you can use your tongue to do this.

Compared to a normal kiss, it takes much longer and this often only happens in a sexual context.

Preparation for the French kiss

You both need to be in the mood for a French kiss. You don't want it to come across as rushed or wrong. Take your time and wait for the right moment. Moist and soft lips are ideal. If you have dry lips make sure you have lip balm or drink water beforehand.

Of course, fresh breath is also important. Bad breath is a big turn off. Avoid eating or drinking anything that makes your breath smell bad, such as coffee, garlic or chips. Brush your teeth beforehand or take chewing gum or a mint to keep your breath nice and fresh.

Start French kissing

In most cases, French kissing goes without saying. French kissing starts with regular kisses on the mouth. So don't put your tongue in her mouth right away.

Build it up slowly and open your mouth gently. If she does, you can start French kissing and otherwise continue with regular kissing. You can then try again later and notice soon enough whether the moment for the French kiss is there.

French kissing

When the time comes and both of you have your mouth partially open, start with some gentle and sensitive touches with your tongue. To do this, slowly move your tongue into her mouth a little bit. She will also try to find your tongue.

Once you've found each other's tongue, play with it carefully. This way you can run the tip of your tongue along her tongue. Finds a balance together to make the right movements with your tongue. One likes a bit more wild and the other more calm and soft.

For example, you can make slow circular motions around her tongue or gently push your tongue against her tongue. Definitely don't go completely with your tongue in her mouth.

Take the time to explore what you like and come up with the best French kiss. Do not go too fast and also ensure variety by not making the same movements over and over. Everyone is different so it differs what someone likes.

Even when you're done, don't stop abruptly, but gradually reduce it. Slowly French kissing instead of stopping all at once and removing your tongue right away. Finally, stay with your partner with your lips against her to close it nicely.

Tips when tongues

To make your French kissing even better, we have some tips for French kissing that will help you step by step.

Start with just kissing
A French kiss always starts with a 'normal' kiss. So don't start French kissing right away.

Not too much saliva
Watch your saliva while kissing. You don't want the mucus to run out of your mouth. Make sure to swallow the excess saliva.

Keep breathing
Don't forget to keep breathing. While kissing, breathe gently through your nose. If that doesn't work, you can also take a short break to breathe.

use your hands
Make the kissing even more intense by using your hands. Place your hands on her waist, shoulder or head. You can now also gently pull or caress her. For example, gently stroke her on the neck or hair. Don't let your hands hang by your sides.

Switch technique
Once you're French kissing, alternate between different techniques. Go from soft and sweet kisses to something wilder and more powerful. Also vary your speed. Keep it exciting and your partner will feel surprised.

Read the body language
Pay close attention to your partner's body language to see what she likes. Recognize signs where you see that she feels comfortable and likes certain movements.

Don't collide
Be careful not to collide with your teeth. Not only is this weird, but it can also be painful.

relax your tongue
Keep your tongue relaxed. A hard tongue does not feel good.

Exercises for even better French kissing

Practicing French kissing without actually doing it with someone will not be the same and we therefore advise against it. The best practice for French kissing even better is simply doing it in real life. Try new things and keep practicing, this will only make you better. Practice makes perfect. As you start kissing more often, you will also see that you get better at it and create your own style.

Don't have a partner yourself and are you looking for a date with women for French kissing? Check out our dating section woman looking for a man and who knows, you can quickly start practicing your French kiss.

A French kiss can cause many different emotions. A 'correct' way to French kiss is just what you and the other person like. There is no real 'right' way, but you can make it as pleasant as possible. Everyone is different and therefore kisses in their own way.