Always wanted to know how to flirt with a woman? Discover proven tips on how to easily flirt with women and get them to like you.

How do you start?

It's unbelievable how powerful flirting is. Without a doubt, it is one of the best skills you can learn to change your life with women.

Flirting isn't about what you say, it's how you say it. It is not difficult when you know what to do. With proper flirting, you get that hot sexual attention that women want to respond to.

Should you compliment her now, say something sexy, stand close to her or even touch her? There is a lot of confusion about how to take the first step.

A simple technique is to flip the script. Simply look carefully at everything she says and does and look for opportunities to misunderstand it as if she likes you. Then accuse her of flirting with you.

Recognize flirt signals

Body language is the most important aspect of flirting. Women are less likely to show that they like you, but they will send different signals. It is then up to you to recognize these flirtation signals, ie you must be able to read their body language.

Most of what we say happens non-verbally. Communication therefore mainly happens with your body and in this way she will also express what she thinks with her body. Listening to body language is therefore an important factor.

For example, an open attitude towards you means that there is interest, and if she is closed with her arms and legs crossed and turned away from you, she feels uncomfortable or you are boring to her and there is no interest.

Giving compliments for flirting

Women love compliments. Start the conversation early by giving compliments and show that you really mean it. They'll see if you compliment what you don't mean. Make sure it looks natural and smooth and not like it was made.

At first, don't compliment her appearance. Tips for giving compliments include her eyes, her smile or style.

Giving a compliment is also ideal for starting a conversation instead of asking a boring question. A good compliment is personal and compliments her femininity and character.

Also, don't give her too many compliments, because this can make you appear "needy" and you will be seen more as a "friend". After all, you don't want to end up in the friend zone.

Teasing women

Do you know the saying "Teasing girls is asking for kisses". Flirting is not only attracting, but also repelling or teasing. If you put a woman on a pedestal and continuously treat her like a princess, she will no longer see a challenge in you.

She wants to have excitement and challenge. It is precisely by teasing a woman that she will be stimulated and challenged. You tease in such a way that you do not touch a sensitive chord.

The right choice of words makes a world of difference. It is a crucial factor for successful flirting with women.

Many women secretly engage in playful behavior. A number of examples with which you can tease her are:
- Nickname her
- Making fun of her that she can't or can't say something
- Falsely accuse her
- Treat her like a child

Don't tease her on topics like clothing, obesity, girlfriends, or education level. You don't want to hurt or insult her.

Imagine a woman takes your teasing the wrong way and you get a negative reaction. Then don't back down right away, be a real man and switch perspectives. Put your comment in a different light and show that you are not a quitter.

Flirt subtly with women

For some people, flirting is very easy and it always goes well. Subtle successful flirting starts with making the other person think that the other person has taken the first step, while you have taken the initiative. There is no one way to flirt with women.

With eye contact you can flirt very subtly and at the same time you arouse interest by looking at each other. A tip is to look at her for 1 to 2 minutes and keep it up. It will feel uncomfortable for a moment, but try not to look away. Research has shown that this way of eye contact increases feelings and that is exactly what you want.

If you stop looking at each other, do not look down or up. That way you come across insecure or arrogant.

You can also subtly imitate the body language of another. This non-verbal signal is no less than 5 times stronger than starting verbal flirting. Don't do it too conspicuously of course, but very subtly.

Flirting and attractiveness

Anyone can learn to flirt. With a flirty conversation, women are going to like you. A flirtation always has a purpose. This could be for a relationship or just for sex. Also keep in mind that sometimes women just flirt out of kindness and you should not immediately look for something behind it.

With a good sense of flirtation you ensure that you are more interesting than her environment and that you don't get boring job interviews. Answer her questions with a narrative instead of short answers. With this you give more context and you also make it a bit more personal. Include emotions in your story for more excitement and color.

Also make sure you appear confident. This is what a woman finds attractive. Insecurity drives a woman away. Although you may feel insecure inside, that is not bad at all as long as you do not react to your own nerves. Body language and voice play an important role in this. If you feel insecure, don't talk too fast and make sure you don't look down.

When flirting, men will often appear tougher and women will be more girlish. As a man, you often take the first step in hooking up with her and flirting is the way it starts. It is precisely by taking action and becoming active as a man that you get more results.