Nowadays online dating is the most natural thing in the world. What exactly does online contact and dating mean and how does it work? Here we tell you more about contact and dating ads.

What is a personal ad?

Simply put, a personal ad is an ad placed by individuals on a medium, in most cases a dating site where people are looking for a partner for a relationship, friendship or sex.

In the past, these were mainly found in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, personals are widely available on the internet and especially on dating sites. The emphasis in a personal ad is on positive characteristics in order to be placed in the best possible light and to arouse the interest of others.

A personal ad usually consists of a photo, a title, a description, properties and contact details or contact option. An ad is good if it is specifically written.

How do you make the first contact?

The first contact is easily made by responding to a personal ad. If you have placed an ad yourself, it is important to attract attention with your ad, so that the other person is interested in responding to your personal ad.

A personal ad is a popular way to search for a relationship and for first contact it starts with a good 'profile' picture. It is the first thing one looks at before continuing to read. A picture says more than a thousand words.

Personalize your personal ad. Be a little humorous but not too over the top. Know how to create that smile on the person who reads your profile and in such a way that they are inclined to want to contact you right away.

Also make sure that you are honest and that people do not expect a different person than is described in your advertisement.

Online dating through personals

Online dating is a great way to get in touch. Research beforehand where you can find like-minded people to date.

Online dating starts with a good personal ad. Good preparation is half the battle and that also applies to the first message that is sent or you read. Avoid standard messages and texts, write as personal as possible. An original creative way attracts attention.

The most exciting moment is getting in touch with others, after which your dating story can begin. The more engaging and appealing the first message, the more successful there is for a date.

From personal ad to date

Once you've found your match, it's time for a first date or a first date! The 'real' feeling only comes up when you have met someone in real life. That way you get that 'click' with someone you've been waiting for.

You can say so much in an advertisement and online, but the first contact really determines whether you like someone or not. Dating is the way to really get to know each other and jump that spark.

Keep in mind that someone you meet in person may come across as different from what is described in their personal ad. If there is an online click, do not wait too long to make an appointment. The longer you wait, the higher the expectations will be and the more difficult that step becomes.

Meet in a neutral place where you can understand each other well. Especially women find it important to talk and discover what they can do with their date.

Pay attention and be liked

Creative personals demand attention! Dare to open up and take on the challenge of meeting new people. The internet is increasingly used to get to know someone. It's simple, but you do need to present yourself effectively. Short personal ads that don't say much don't stand out.

With a good call you attract attention. Start with personal sentences about yourself and above all be specific and creative. Don't take generic intros like 'woman looking for man'. These mean nothing.

The more original you are, the sooner you will attract attention. Above all, don't forget to keep in mind the purpose of why you're posting a personal ad.

How do you connect on dating websites?

On a dating website, you can connect by signing up first. Compared to a personals website, a dating website is more targeted. For example, there are separate dating sites for different niches to get in touch with like-minded people. This simplifies the search process and promotes contact with a match. Therefore, choose the right dating site that suits you.

Once you have registered, you can easily make contact by searching based on characteristics and preferences. Before you search, you are usually asked to create a profile. The purpose of a profile is to arouse interest in someone else.

The first contact is made by sending the first message. For example, by responding to a dating advertisement.

Pay close attention to spelling and grammar, because the first message immediately determines the first impression. The better you come across, the sooner you can expect a response and the dating can begin.

Personals pros and cons

A personal ad is often visible to everyone, so that your data is also visible to everyone. A good example of this is Marktplaats. The danger of this is that others can abuse your data or 'steal' your data. When using personal ad websites, be careful not to deal with fake profiles.

Better to use dating websites. Here, dating ads are often only visible if you are registered and you avoid having to deal with fictitious ads. They also often offer a personality test to be automatically matched with the one that suits you.

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