For some, anal sex is really taboo, even though they've never tried it. Anal sex is increasingly in the spotlight and believe it or not it can give your sex life a big boost. With this valuable information and tips you can enjoy anal satisfaction in a pleasant way.

What is anal sex?

During anal sex, the anus is penetrated with, for example, the fingers or penis. Another name for anal sex is also 'bareback' or 'ass fucking'. Anal sex is still often a taboo, partly because little is known about how to have anal sex the right way.

In most cases, it is the man who first comes to the woman with the idea. Often the woman has heard weird and scary stories about using the back door. However, in the right way, it can completely change your sex life.

Why anal sex can be fun

Like the vagina and penis, the anus is an area of sensitivity on both sides, inside and out. This not only gives a lot, but also a special feeling.

Due to the high presence of nerves, it can be a nice feeling for many women. In addition, they do not have to worry about pregnancy.

Research has also shown that paying attention to the rear, i.e. women who do anal sex, have an increased chance of orgasm during normal sex.

For the men it is nice and tight and also one of the reasons why it is so nice. It gives extra stimulation. Overall, it is also a completely different experience than vaginal sex.

Preparation for anal sex

Preparation is "key" especially if you have never done anal before. The most important thing starts with communication with your partner. Never just use the asshole. Discuss this with each other beforehand so that you both agree on having anal sex.

Many women have tried anal sex, but have had a bad experience. This is simply due to lack of proper preparation. With proper preparation, it will be much less painful and much more pleasurable for a woman.

An important point is that the woman is relaxed. As long as there is tension, anal penetration can be painful. The more excited and relaxed the easier it will be. Make sure you both feel comfortable.

Poo and anal sex

During anal sex you can have to deal with poo and poo residue. However, the chance is small. Few faeces are retained in the lower part of the rectum, which you can just barely reach with your finger. Especially if you have just pooped, there is little poo residue in the intestine.

One solution to avoid poop is by anal rinsing. With anal rinsing, the rectum is rinsed clean with an anal douche. By doing this properly you will no longer have poo residues during anal fucking. If you don't fuck too deep, then rinsing is usually not necessary. Often you can also feel with your fingers whether you are clean enough.

With a normal shower hose you can easily rinse anally. Remove the spray head and make sure you clean the end of the hose thoroughly. The advice is to use a special attachment that you can turn on the hose. You can easily buy these online or in a sex shop. There are also special hand pumps that allow you to rinse without using a shower hose.

Wait at least half an hour after rinsing, so that your body is properly recovered before having anal sex. Too much rinsing is bad for you. This disrupts the intestinal flora and increases the risk of infections. Even without rinsing you can enjoy anal sex without poo.

Tips for anal sex

Condom and lots of lubricant
We can't emphasize it enough, use a condom and lots of lube. The anus does not become moist on its own like the vagina. So you have to take care of this yourself by using a lot of lubricant. And for hygiene, it is recommended to use a condom. The anus is a source of many bacteria that you don't want to spread.

Pooped beforehand
It is always nice before you start anal sex that the woman has pooped and has been washed a bit inside.

Build up slowly

Build it up slowly and go step by step. Don't go in all at once, but take it easy. You will notice quickly enough whether the star is relaxed enough and it should certainly not hurt. If it hurts, the preparation is not good and you are going too fast. So men taking the wrong hole is 'not done'.

anal position

The missionary is the best anal sex position to start with. Especially for the first time, the woman can completely relax and does not have to move much. Spooning is also a pleasant position.

Stimulate other erogenous body parts

While having anal sex you can provide more relaxation and arousal by also stimulating other body parts. For example, stimulate the clitoris with your hand. You can also use a mini vibrator if you wish. This provides extra excitement and fun!

Misconceptions about anal sex

So many think that anal sex is painful and dirty. This is absolutely not the intention of anal sex and often people also think of homosexuality, which is also unjustified. It is often that something new or unknown is experienced as negative. With this, there can be an erroneous thought when it comes to anal sex.

The first time can be very scary. With patience, confidence and plenty of lube, anal sex can be an unforgettable experience. Especially anal foreplay plays an important role in this.

Do you want to experiment with anal sex and explore this new sexual territory? Anal sex can be one of the most exciting and pleasurable forms of sex. If you don't have a partner yet, check out our dating category with ladies for anal sex.